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Terms & Conditions

MOQDIY respects every designer and every product you design. At MOQDIY, you have opportunities to unlimited showcase your idea and we will achieve it for you. MOQDIY will continue to improve the service to all customers orders and shipping and strive to make them 100% satisfied.


1. Your Content
Your content will be reviewed by MOQDIY. If your content involves infringement, we will delete it immediately. In addition, if your content involves pornographic violence, racial discrimination, or insulting language, it will be deleted by us. So please check carefully if your content involves the above elements when you post content.


2. Product Sales

(a) MOQDIY will not cancel the customer's order with an unreasonable request. If MOQDIY cancels the order, it will notify the customer in advance and communicate it.

(b) After the customer confirmed the receipt, MOQDIY’s responsibilities for fulfilling the order were also completed. If the customer has any objection to the product, please contact us within the prescribed time limit, otherwise, we will not be responsible. If the goods are lost in the middle, please contact us immediately and we will re-deliver them.


3. Delivery & Shipment

(a) MOQDIY will process the order and produce it quickly within the working day and will ship it within two weeks. The delivery time will sometimes be determined according to the order quantity. 

(b) After MOQDIY's delivery, customers can check the status of your order in the order details of the personal center. The logistics details are provided in the order details. You can pay attention to the logistics information of the order at any time.


4. Prices

(a)All product prices on the MOQDIY website are not final prices, please contacts us and prices may change from time to time based on market prices.  Shipping costs will be settled on the order.

(c) The customer needs to pay in time after the order confirmation information is correct. Otherwise, the order will be canceled automatically if the payment time is exceeded.


5. Payment

(a) Customers who purchase products at MOQDIY can now pay with credit cards, PayPal, T/T.

(b)If the customer fails to pay, please check if your card number has expired or the account balance is insufficient, or the account name you entered is correct.


6. Disclaimers

MOQDIY will not be liable if the website sales system is crashed or cannot be used due to force majeure or other uncontrollable reasons, resulting in the inability to complete online transactions or loss of relevant information, records, etc. However, we will do our best to assist in dealing with the aftermath and work hard to reduce the economic losses that customers may suffer.